Est Since 2006 by Carla Louise Stout Fashion & Graphic Design

I love fashion, design and the process of creating something great! Originally, from Manchester, UK, my work has taken me from west to east and back again, living and working in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Istanbul.


A professional since 2006, with over a decade of experience working with brands and retailers, on a wide range of projects & products for Mavi Jeans, Topshop and New Look, to name a few. I have a solid understanding of the demands of the fashion industry. Managing projects from initial conceptualisation to completion, astute knowledge of the design, research and development process, with a proven ability to creatively develop new designs. Extensive knowledge of trend forecasting, market research, fabric, colour and sustainable/green solutions all whilst keeping up to date on emerging trends and technologies, are all the things I truly enjoy.


What I bring to the table is carefully considered, beautiful and impactful design, Industry-standard technical knowledge and sustainability solutions which effectively communicate your messages, projects and strategies.


Want to know more, I'd be happy to chat further!


Think Creative!

• Imagination/ creative

• Curious

• Observant -Striving to stay head -appeal to the public - see the patterns

• Simplicity - Don't over think it

• Share ideas

• Don't be afraid to try new things

• Be optimistic/Imaging

Getting to Know me.

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